The Dude Who Wouldn't Riot Is My New Favorite Person


The story of a lead actor living in a world of bit players, from the YouTube description: I shot some rioting go down on Muni on McAllister and Larkin (San Francisco, Ca) after the San Francisco Giants won the 2012 MLB World Series.


Hunter Pence Loves Katy Perry, Yells Woooo When He Runs


Yesterday, we shared an appearance from Los Angeles Clippers alley-oopist Blake Griffin on Conan, wherein he made a bunch of weird faces and created Conan O'Brien to be his teammate in NBA 2K13.


Barry Zito Is The Only Person Who Can Afford World Series Parking


I'm glad I went to a Giants game in San Francisco in August and only dropped 40 bucks instead of trying to pay for World Series parking.

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