donald trump

OK Everybody, Donald Trump Is Really Going To Run For President In 2016

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The Donald's even hiring staff and (gasp!) delaying signing a deal to continue as host of 'The Celebrity Apprentice.'

texts from hillary

The Back Of Hillary Clinton’s Tour Bus Has Amazingly Self-Aware PSA Messaging

By | 4 Comments

Hillary Clinton appropriated the Texts From Hillary meme for a pretty damn funny tour bus PSA.


Jon Stewart: Why Is Hillary Becoming A Grandmother A Big Deal When Romney Had A ‘Grandchild Petting Zoo’?

By | 19 Comments

Jon Stewart sees a double standard that still exists in American politics, and he is not pleased with it.


Ghana’s Terminator/Predator movie looks legit

By | 31 Comments

Here we have the trailer for 2016, a movie from Ghana which seems to be set four years in the future, in a time when both Terminators and Predators roam the Earth.

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