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TSS x Yours Truly Present 3:16 With Pill And Freddie Gibbs

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<a href=""> Constructing a verse is easy. Constructing one with meaning, passion, and longevity, however, is the trick. Every fan, critic, and casual listener of Hip-Hop has at least one or two 16s they can turn to reflect on in good times and receive guidance through in bad times. At its very core, it's powerful. Relating to another person's words and emotions as if they were your own was the reason music was created and the sole testament why it remains the language of the world. The next masterpiece of <a href="">Yours Truly</a> and TSS' <a href="">"3:16" series</a> centers around two young men who have made incredible strides in the past year and a half.


The Week That Was: The RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Edition

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<a href=""> -- <a href="">Guru's</a> passing put a damper on <a href="">4:20</a> and perhaps added incentive for countless fans to "<a href="">Take Two And Pass</a>" with his spirit in mind.

Yours Truly

TSS x Yours Truly Present 3:16 With J. Cole

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<a href=""> Hip-Hop has been around long enough that no one is making it to the forefront without taking cues from those who have come before them. The smart ones are perceptive enough to pinpoint certain traits from multiple sources and assimilate them into their own style. Which is why asking someone nowadays who their influences are, simply isn't enough. We’ve teamed up with <a href="">Yours Truly</a> for the <a href="">“3:16” video series</a> in an effort to peel another layer off the onion of the emcee’s thought process.

Yours Truly

The TSS x Yours Truly Present 3:16 With Pac Div

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<a href=""> As we keep building & blogging, there’s always a drive to develop a different approach in the way we engage artists. In some situations a <a href="">Session</a> works well, whereas <a href="">Fifteen Minutes</a> with an emcee can cover quite a bit of ground as well.

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