Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ Is Apparently A 3D Porno That Ejaculates At The Viewer


Gaspar Noe is trying to do Lars Von Trier by filming a 3D porno that ejaculates on the viewer.

3D printer

Doctors Use A 3D Printer To Help With Complicated Heart Surgery On A 4-Year-Old Girl

Doctors recently saved a four-year-old girl's life by printing out a 3D replica of her heart to help with her complicated surgery.


How did they create those special effects in Gravity?


In this jaded media age, when we've already seen bullet time, 3D blue cat monkeys, apes made human by Andy Serkis, and Cleatus the robot football player, it's rare to see anything on television or film that makes you say "how the hell did they do that.


We Made A Poster To Celebrate The Announcement Of Jurassic Park 4’s Official Title And Release Date


Universal has set a release date for Jurassic Park 4, and they've also settled on a title: 'Jurassic World'. We made a poster they can totally have.


A Dying Format? Percentage of Gross from 3D Reaches New Low.


Thus far, 3D has accounted for just 25 percent of the total gross for Turbo, a movie about a snail who becomes a racecar.


Even James Cameron Is Tired Of The Flood Of 3D Movies


James Cameron is as tired of 3D movies as the rest of us...


‘Metallica: Through The Never’ Looks Intense


While a lot of today’s popular music stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are pumping out “concert documentaries” to make a few extra million dollars and promote themselves in positive, edited new lights, credit is due to Metallica for taking that idea and punching it in the balls.


The Life of Pi trailer promises underwater zebras


When Ang Lee debuted the first footage from his 3D adaptation of Yann Martel's Life of Pi at CinemaCon a few months back, the 10 minutes of footage he showed already had the movie bloggers who saw it talking Oscar, and you know movie bloggers aren't prone to hyperbole (sarcasm, sarcasm).

the dark knight rises

Chris Nolan: “I never meet anyone who actually likes 3D”


Studios love 3D because they can charge more for it, but with the exception of a few who truly love it (James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese of late), most filmmakers seem like they just sort of go along with it as a compromise.

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Peter Jackson talks splitting Hobbit into three movies, is bad at editing.


 The Hobbit is by far my favorite of the Tolkien books, and my only sticking point in seeing the movie (beyond general hobbit-fatigue) is that it's going to be split into two movies, with the first part reportedly being two and a half hours long.

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I See Spider-Man Has Played Knifey Spooney Before

If you haven’t seen every minute of The Amazing Spider-Man yet from all the previous clips we've posted (like these and these), you're in luck.


This Will Surely End Well: Spider-Man Director Asks For Photo Captions


Earlier this month, someone we assumed to be The Amazing Spider-Man director Mark Webb tweeted a picture we had fun with.

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'The Amazing Spider-Man' Throws Emma Stone Out Of A Window

Marvel Australia posted a new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, opening July 3rd.

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Watch This Six-Minute Preview Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' While It Lasts

A six-minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man played alongside theatrical showings of Men in Black 3 this weekend, and you know what that means: bootlegs bootlegs bootlegs.

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