Joseph Gordon Levitt Plays The Man On Wire In The First Trailer For Robert Zemeckis’s ‘The Walk’

Did you see Man On Wire, James Marsh’s Oscar-winning documentary on Philippe Petit’s incredible, 1974 wire walk between the twin World Center towers? Well, what Robert Zemeckis presupposes in The Walk is, maybe you want to see it again? With actors this time? Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Petit opposite Charlotte Le Bon in The Walk, opening October 2nd. It tells the story of oh wait we already covered this.

Zemeckis has planned for his film to be the IMAX 3D event movie of next fall, having utilized photorealistic techniques to lend a visceral and immersive quality to the movie. []

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t another way to say “utilized photorealistic techniques” be “took pictures?” My gosh, that photograph looks so photorealistic! Amazing!

And as if “every impossible dream… begins with a single step” wasn’t a hacky enough tagline, there’s this official image:

You see, he sculpted a tiny man out of a napkin holding a straw and placed it between two wine glasses. Because how could she ever hope to understand the obtuse and inscrutable concept of a man walking on a wire between two buildings without so painstaking a graphic interpretation? Oy, this makes drawing equations on a window seem realistic. Man On Wire! Now with 3D glasses and crappy clichés! Coming next Fall!