Open Mike Eagle And 03 Greedo Are Featured On Two New Songs For TheLAnd’s Kickstarter Campaign

To support a Kickstarter Campaign for Los Angeles not-for-profit magazine The LAnd, rappers Open Mike Eagle and 03 Greedo are featured on a couple of new tracks by U.A.P. and Kent Loon, respectively. Both tracks — “3D” and “Wolves On Clouds” are out on Bandcamp today.

For context, TheLAnd is a Los Angeles-based, not-for-profit magazine co-founded in 2019 by Jenn Swann, Evan Solano, and Jeff Weiss. There’s currently an active Kickstarter campaign to fund the magazine’s upcoming October issue. For $25 and more, you’ll get access to the Welcome To theLAnd compilation, which features the aforementioned tracks featuring Open Mike Eagle and 03 Greedo, plus tracks from Dam-Funk, Clipping, Eva B Ross, Ethan Gold, Daedelus, and more. Check out the full tracklist below, and listen to “3D” and “Wolves On Clouds” below.

Welcome to TheLAnd tracklist:

1. G Perico — “Real Ones”
2. Rucci / Cyrpess Moreno — “All Over”
3. Kent Loon — “Wolves On Clouds” (Feat. 03 Greedo)
4. U.A.P. (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) — “3D” (Feat. Open Mike Eagle)
5. Dam-Funk — “Missed Out On An Angel”
6. Lndn Drgs — “4 Zones: (Feat. Rifelman)
7. Rhys Langston — “DMG” (Feat. Arawak)
8. Clipping — “Nothing Is Safe” (Clbbng Remix)
9. Cafe Ale — “Kraft Phair Acid”
10. Greg Dulli — “I Would Die 4 U/Baby I’m A Star”
11. Jennifer Clavin / Michael Fiore — “Ashes Of American Flags”
12. Eva B Ross / Marinelli — “Be My Baby”
14. Mia Doi Todd — “My Fisherman (Solo Acoustic Version)”
14. Ethan Gold — “Alexandria & Me (Milan Bjelica Alt Mix)”
15. Nicky Egan — “Strange Dreams”
16. Matthewdavid — “Generative Granular Stalactite Cenote Therapy For Starters”
17. Daedelus — “Gutted”

Check out the full compilation here.