We Made A Poster To Celebrate The Announcement Of Jurassic Park 4’s Official Title And Release Date

One month after Universal put Jurassic Park 4 on hold, they reversed their decision and released a banner, which we celebrated with animals in dinosaur costumes for some reason. We knew director Colin Trevorrow planned to shoot it in 3D for a release date sometime in 2015 (pushed back from an original 2014 release date).

Now Universal has confirmed it’s in 3D, and those dinosaurs are going to start moving in herds to theaters on June 12th, 2015. They’ve also settled on a title: Jurassic World.

The new title backs up the rumours that the new movie’s plot is about a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, this time wide open to the public. The announcement also makes it clear that the film will be shot in 3D and that the draft of the script going before cameras is credited to Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. [Bleeding Cool]

Jurassic World, huh? Well, we made them a poster.

If you want to use this, Universal, go right ahead. We’ll spare no expense for you.