The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Juvenile’s “Gone Ride With Me”

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"My shit is fie cause it's jumpin' back at twenty-ninnneee, so a n*gga shouldn't have no problem bout me gettin' mineeee.


Phil Adé – “Something Out Of Nothing”

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<a href=""> "Suffering is nothing, no time huffing and puffing/You talk about hell, n*gga I grew up in the oven..." There isn't a person on Earth with the ability to convince me 400 Degreez was sub par. As one of my personal favorite LP's ever recorded, I admire when artists pay homage to the album and with Phil Adé's newest outing, he does just that. "Something Out Of Nothing" finds the DMV native bobbing and weaving his way through three impressive verses over Juve's classic "Ha." Scratch that. Adé bodies this. Point. Blank. Period. The hook is what it is, but focus more on the bars he strings together throughout. They're effortless and with each mp3 since last year's <a href="">The Letterman</a> (late to the party), I find myself becoming a bigger and bigger supporter.


New Orleans Bounce Music

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<a href=""> His best days behind him. The label he helped transform to a household name is still just that, only 100 times bigger. But even while focusing on what <a href="">Juvenile</a> doesn't have anymore, there is something no one can ever take away - <a href="">400 Degreez</a>.


Mai Naan Is Gonna Ride Wit Meeee

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"I'm charging six hunnid fo'some big Ooo's, you do bidness wit mee you comin back to get moooo'.

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