Gilbere Forte’ Feat. Freelance Whales – “1st Floor” Video

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<a href=""> The highlights of the city are great inspiration for notebook fourplay. And let's just say Gilbere Forte' knows how to make his pen look attractive on the page. GF <a href="">told me</a> this video was coming and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Gilbere Forte’

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With the publicity circus the music biz has become, every now and then, an artist still manages to shine through off the merits of their artistic credibility alone.


The Reality Of 87 Dreams

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<a href=""> You know you composed something special when you have not one but two release parties for you debut project. Hop, skipping and jumping from New York to Philly like the Sixers were slaying the Knicks, Gilbere Forte' celebrated every last of his 87 Dreams in style. Downing bottles of Medea Vodka, killing 'em @ 30,000 feet above, hobnobbing with <a href="">Maluca</a> (jeal).

STS (Sugar Tongue Slim)

Gilbere Forte’ – 87 Dreams

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<a href=""> Gilbere Forte' doesn't have to proclaim himself the future. His music sounds like it. From the futuristic vibes from "Hot" to the ode-to-aerospace "30,000," even his name sounds like an exquisite cuisine that you can't afford yet. <a href="">“Black Chukkas”</a> may be then but 87 Dreams is the now.


Gilbere Forte’ – “1st Floor”


<a href=""> Nobody likes to be the last one to catch on to what's next. Therefore it seems important to make a mention of <a href="">Gilbere Forte'</a> before he potentially skyrockets to prominence.

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