The Layover (Mike Posner)

Mike Posner – The Layover Mixtape

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If you've hipped yourself to any of the leaks from Mike Posner's latest mixtape, The Layover, you might have heard his track, "A Perfect Mess." Amidst all the star-studded guest features, I bring this song up specifically because it's the perfect introduction to this new chapter in the career of a once-grounded artist.


Outasight x DJ Benzi – Get It Together Mixtape


If you aren't completely hip to Outasight and his unique brand of swing-rap, this fresh compilation from the Yonkers MC and DJ Benzi should make catching up a breeze.


Drake – “Find Yuh Love (DJ Benzi Remix)”

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Thank Me Later was copped it's second week out and still hasn't gotten a single spin.


Event Recap: Chiddy Bangs’ Swelly Tour Hits The D

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Not every act can start off on a stadium tour.

One Foot Out The Door

Mike Posner – One Foot Out The Door Mixtape

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At this time last year, if you would've told me the new mixtape from a white suburbanite, Southfield, MI Pop producer/singer named Mike Posner would make my most anticipated releases of 2009 list, I would have laughed straight in your face.

Get Right Radio

2 DJs & An Angel…

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Couple a friendly reminder with an unfortunately meaningful day, and you end up getting gold.


DJ Benzi – Get Right Radio Summer 2009

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Two days ago, I was discussing music & mixtapes & I told a friend that summer wasn't officially official until certain DJ's dropped their tapes.


“Take Off Your Halo…”

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*pitches two shiny red cents into the hat* I've decided that Beware shouldn't have to carry the torch for Mike Posner alone.


“You Think You Cooler Than Me…”

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Mike Posner Rocks Show W/ No Mic If you aren't hip to Mike Posner, you're missing out.

The New Deal

10.Deep x DJ Benzi – The New Deal Mixtape

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"Guess who's back in the motherfuckin' house.


Sky High!

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A word from DJ Benzi.


Mick Boogie & DJ Benzi – Motivation 2

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Anybody who knows me knows I'm a loyal believer in these two dudes.


Get Right.

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The sequel to "Destination." "Get Right Friday Night.

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