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"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter": What'd You Think?

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Man, no wonder Timur Bekmambetov started talking about "Wanted 2" a week before this movie came out.

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Abraham Lincoln Vs. History's Vampires: Jesse Hooker


Why not end this contest with a grudge match.


Abraham Lincoln Vs. History's Vampires: Angelus

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Just for the record, no, we are not doing Edward Cullen, no matter how many DMs you send me about it.


Abraham Lincoln Vs. History's Vampires: Cassidy

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Yesterday, we decided Morbius couldn't take Honest Abe.


Abe Lincoln Versus History's Vampires: Dracula

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We thought we'd spend the week leading up to "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" seeing how Honest Abe would deal with some of pop culture's more dangerous and famous vampires.

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