Here’s Your First Look At ‘Mythbusters’ Tackling The Most Ridiculous Moments From ‘The Simpsons’

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Yes, the Mythbusters are tackling the Simpsons, and they have the foam Homer to prove it.


‘Mythbusters’ Will Take On ‘The Simpsons’ In Its Cartoonish Season Premiere

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Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will test everything from cherry bombs to Homer's ability to stop a wrecking ball. Because cartoons are real.


The Best Cosplay Day Two Of Comic-Con 2013

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We've collected our 30 favorite cosplay pictures from the second day of Comic-Con 2013. It is almost assuredly a trap.


MythBusters: Are Sharks Really Attracted to Dogs?


After much discussion about whether to use a real dog, the MythBusters build a robot dog -- that does everything a real dog does -- to see if sharks are really attracted to dogs.


A Rube Goldberg Game Show Judged By The Mythbusters?


Rube Goldberg contraptions -- like the one in OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" <a href="">video</a> and Purdue University's <a href="">world record holding</a> one -- are undeniably awesome.


And Now, A Perfectly Normal Moment Between Neil Gaiman And Adam Savage


If there's one thing I'll geek out about, it's Neil Gaiman.

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Nathan Fillion Is A Good Photo Bomber (And More Celebrity Photo Bombs)

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<a rel="attachment wp-att-36423" href=""></a>I happened upon a treasure trove of pictures of <a href="">Nathan Fillion</a> photo bombing people, and that's important.

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