Adam Savage Morphs Into A Vision Of Pure Joy As He Unboxes The Space Suit From ‘The Martian’

Mythbusters alum and Tested contributor Adam Savage has a sweet spot for space suits. Yes, it’s a bit of a “who doesn’t?” sort of thing, but Savage is the brand of dude that’ll go for a leisurely jaunt with astronaut Chris Hadfield in matching 2001: A Space Odyssey style space gear like it’s not the behavior of someone with space madness. (Not that we’re here to serve as arbiters of space-based mental health norms or anything like that.) In a new video from Tested, Savage’s fondness for space-based wardrobe gets a complete workout and it’s a blast to watch.

If you’ve hit play on the video tucked above, you now know that Savage nearly fell into a bliss coma after coming face-to-face with the astronaut ensemble from The Martian. Not only is it a sweet piece of protective wear worth coming in contact with, but Savage also gets to use the 20th Century Fox sent item in his plans to craft a personal replica. Y’know, because that’s what you do when you want to replicate something impressive from an Academy Award-nominated film. Want to make a model of Fury Road‘s Doof Wagon? Just ring up the studio and see what happens.

The Martian surface suit on its own is pretty swell, but the star attraction of this video is seeing Adam Savage freak out without shame over its majesty. In the bits where Savage isn’t gasping or saying “holy crap” in succession, our brains are lightly marinated with tidbits about the prop’s design, place in Ridley Scott’s filmography and the little touches that make it one of a kind.

Even if you think science is all evil witchcraft and the like, there’s still loads to love in this Tested clip. Give it a watch and talk to a financial advisor if you’re considering starting your own replica space suit collection.

(via io9)