Adam Savage Is Taking Photos From His Final Day On The ‘Mythbusters’ Set

After 900 explosions, 200-something episodes, 14 seasons, and one Breaking Bad tribute, Discovery Channel’s MythBusters is coming to an end. It’s amazing it’s lasted this long, considering hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman’s occasionally contentious relationship. Hyneman explained that they “sort of managed to tolerate each other,” but there’s nothing but good feelings on the set today. Probably because they never have to go back.

Savage has been taking photos from his final day of shooting and putting them on Twitter. For fans, it’s a neat behind-the-scenes look at his office and the Blueprint Room; for Savage, it’s an excuse to show he’s a good guy. He brought doughnuts to the set. Always make friends with the doughnut guy.

Savage will be at this all day and night, so be sure to check back in during the wrap party. Booze and people who like exploding things — what could go wrong? The final season of Mythbusters premieres in January 2016, with a series finale likely sometime in September.