Adam Savage Built The ‘Star Trek’ Captain’s Chair On ‘One Day Builds’

Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage built Captain Kirk’s captain’s chair from Star Trek for his online series “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds.”

Building a chair doesn’t sound that complicated, but Savage is a perfectionist and all about the little details. He doesn’t just want a chair that looks like the Captain Kirk’s chair. No, it can’t be that simple. Savage wants a chair that lights up and makes unique sound effects, depending on which card he puts into a card slot, which is located on the arm of the chair. He also wants the chair’s video viewer, which looks like a bedside reading lamp and only appears in the unaired original pilot and the first few episodes.

The show’s title is “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds,” but it took weeks of work by Savage and his friend Jeremy Williams. By the time they are finished, though, the captain’s chair is a thing of geek beauty with working red alert alarms, music cues, and advice from chief engineer Scotty himself.

(Via Boing Boing)