What If You Could Take A Bath In The Backseat Of Your Car?

While at Mythbusters, Adam Savage and his crew worked tirelessly to test all sorts of theories — from what happens when you fuse Diet Coke and Mentos to the actual cause of the Hindenburg disaster.

Never, I repeat never, did they explore the idea of what would happen if you tried to build (and take) a bath in the backseat of your car. Until now. Thanks to the Honda Ridgeline, plywood, fiberglass and a crazy theory about whether it’s possible to soak in suds if you don’t get shotgun, Tested crew members Simone Gertz and Adam Savage set out to scrub society of all its conventional wisdom around bathtubs only belonging in bathrooms. But did they succeed?

I guess you’ll just have to watch the above to find out.