These New Adidas World Cup Shirts Will Finally Let The World Know How Much You Ass Brazil

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A pair of Adidas World Cup Brazil-themed shirts are causing a stir because they depict Brazil as a place full of sex and butts. Get mad, everybody!


UPDATE: The New Adidas NCAA Tournament Uniforms Are Definitely Something

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Yesterday, we mentioned that <a href="">Adidas was teasing NCAA men’s basketball fans on Twitter</a> with small glimpses of some special new Adizero uniforms that eight teams would be wearing in the NCAA Tournament this year.


Adidas Is Trying To Ruin The NCAA Tournament Before It Can Even Begin


Last month, Adidas made basketball fans everywhere do a double take with a “What the what.


Dwight Howard’s Trip To China Is Funny And Getting Pretty Racist

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I thought the summary for this video of newly-minted Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard playing Pop-A-Shot with a kid during a shoe company-sponsored promotional tour of China would be pretty straight-forward ("here's Dwight Howard doing a thing, everybody"), but I keep noticing funny things about it.


Nebraska’s New Alternate Uniforms Are Here, And They Look Awfully Familiar

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Adidas <a href="" target="_blank">posted a video to YouTube</a> this morning to debut their new alternate uniforms for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a bright red number with decorative knee-socks, those stupid gloves that make a pattern when you hold your palms out that everyone loves and nobody will wear in five years, and a gigantic black "N" on the front.


David Beckham Surprises Fans in London 2012 Photobooth


Adidas invited fans into a photobooth to show their support for the British soccer team.


Whatcha Got Down There, David Beckham?

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For international super duper soccer star, model and Burger King spokesman David Beckham, his most recent Los Angeles Galaxy game may have been the most important of his life.


First World Problems: NFL Worried About Glee’s Influence On Roman Numerals

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Unless I can't figure out how to get Ghorbash the Iron Hand to follow me through a ruin in Skyrim without bugging out and getting lost in the walls, this is the least important problem you'll read about today: the NFL and Nike are concerned that if they use the Roman numeral "L" to represent the number 50 in 2016's Super Bowl 50, people will think the Super Bowl and Nike mean "loser".

Who Wouldn’t Want A Pair Of Noel Gallagher Adidas Kicks?


<a href="">Mild UPROXX obsession Noel Gallagher</a> has his own shoe coming out, you guys.

darth vader

Get Your Geek On (Literally) With The Newest Star Wars Adidas Originals


<a href="">HighSnobiety</a> tipped us off to this sneak peek of the newest looks in the Star Wars and adidas Originals Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook.

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