Seth Rogen Is Hiring Directors For ‘Preacher’ On Twitter

By | 18 Comments

They're still working on the pilot, but Seth Rogen is already hiring directors for 'Preacher.'

#The Walking Dead

The Creator Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Knows Exactly How The Series Will End

By | 6 Comments

The creator of "The Walking Dead" comics, Robert Kirkman, says he knows exactly how the series will end, he just doesn't know when.

#The Walking Dead

The New ‘Walking Dead’ Trailer Suggests A Main Character Doesn’t Have Much Time Left

By | 11 Comments

Will a fan favorite character make it through season five of "The Walking Dead" alive?

#The Walking Dead

AMC Decides To Remedy Their Ratings Woes With More ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 13 Comments

AMC has decided to pull the trigger on a spin-off to 'The Walking Dead,' offering few details for us all to speculate over.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner: ‘Mad Men’ On HBO Would Have Meant A Lot More ‘Nakedness and Violence’

By | 12 Comments

Matthew Weiner did a Reddit AMA and revealed what "Mad Men" would have looked like on HBO.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner Is Ready For Your Mixed Reviews Of The ‘Mad Men’ Finale, You Jerks

By | 6 Comments

Matthew Weiner told Esquire what he expects from the "Mad Men" finale and what he stole from the set when shooting wrapped.

#Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul Named His Five Favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ Scenes

By | 9 Comments

Aaron Paul named his most YEAH BITCH scenes on "Breaking Bad."

#The Walking Dead

Watch The Uncensored Ending To ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 And Pretend That Other Ending Never Happened

By | 31 Comments

Let's all pretend Rick going full badass is what actually aired so we can get excited for season five. Deal?


Bryan Cranston All But Rules Out A Walter White Appearance On ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 10 Comments

No, Walter White will not appear on "Better Call Saul." Probably. Almost definitely.

#Mad Men

Christina Hendricks Was Dropped By Her Agency For Taking The Role Of Joan On ‘Mad Men’

By | 8 Comments

Someone who is probably unemployed now dropped Christina Hendricks from her talent agency for taking a role on "Mad Men."

#The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln Promises A ‘Walking Dead’ Fifth Season With Zombies Riding Sharks Throwing Snakes

By | 4 Comments

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus pal around with Robert Kirkman in an interview they clearly don't care about.

#The Walking Dead

Here It Is: The First Full-Length Trailer For Season 5 Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 41 Comments

"They're screwing with the wrong people" in the trailer for Season 5 of 'Walking Dead.'

#The Walking Dead

First Look ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5: What’s The Riot Protocol If Daryl Dixon Is Bound And Gagged?

By | 5 Comments

If a threat is made on Daryl's life, should we also officially threaten AMC with a riot?


We Finally Have Actual Plot Details For ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 18 Comments

"Better Call Saul" has an actual plot and no-fooling characters.

#The Walking Dead

The First ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Tease: Carol And Tyreese Are Still In The Woods

By | 7 Comments

A brief glimpse at a scene from season five's 'Walking Dead' premiere episode.

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