Andre Nickatina – “Candy Paint” Ft. 100s & Mac Mall + “Ho ‘Lat” Video

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Certain folks will click through off the fact we have two new Andre Nickatina songs that collectively feature Krayzie Bone, 100s and Mac Mall.

Where's My Money

Andre Nickatina – “Tell Me She’s A Hoe”

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No matter how many times we've heard it flipped, sampling Zapp's "More Bounce To The Ounce" never gets old.


Andre Nickatina – “Call The Dealer” Video

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While there isn't necessarily any actual nudity in this video, I'd definitely classify <a href="">Andre Nickatina's</a> visual for "Call The Dealer" as not safe for viewing at your cubicle.


Andre Nickatina – “Call The Dealer”

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If you clicked into an <a href="">Andre Nickatina</a> post for a song named, "Call The Dealer," and expected to hear about blackjack and Texas Hold'em, you'd probably be better off leaving altogether.


Andre Nickatina – “Money Shark” x “Still Gon’ Ball” Videos

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A vast majority of Hip-Hop heads don't have a clue who <a href="">Dre Dog</a> is, even though the king of smoking chewy has been going strong for damn near twenty years.

Paul Wall

Andre Nickatina Feat. Paul Wall – “Pimp Hop” Video

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<a href=""> Considering over-saturation from renown rappers and the overall abundance of MCs, seeing <a href="">Andre Nickatina</a> keep weaseling his way into regular rotation - after 14 albums - is like getting a special card in a pack of Topps Stadium Club.


Andre Nickatina – “1-Flight” Video

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<a href="">Andre Nickatina</a> is casual elegance.


“Awake Like An Owl…”

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Not many rappers have dropped 18 albums since 1992.

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