Dance Party Supercuts

Shake Your Ass And Watch This Supercut Of Dance Party Scenes From Movies

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The latest 'We Can Dance' supercut features some of the best dance party scenes in movie history.


Strap On Your Togas And Get Crazy With This Party Movie Supercut

By | 16 Comments

From 'PCU' to 'Project X,' this movie party scene supercut makes us feel like we're at Hollywood's biggest raging kegger.


The Honest Trailer For ‘Mass Effect’ Is Our Favorite Parody On The Citadel

By | 14 Comments

This Honest Trailer takes on 'Mass Effect', specifically its three game build-up to its "okay, now pick a color, any color" ending.


Harvard & MIT To Put Classes Online For Free


Have you always wanted to go to Harvard or MIT but were too dumb or too poor -- or both -- to get in.

Slip N Slide Records

Duece Poppi – “Go Poppi Go”

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While most of the rap world is either trying to A) Keep it hood or B) go pop (so they don't have to keep it hood, of course), way down in ATL a young man named Duece Poppi is trying to recreate a scene.

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