The Matrix

‘The Matrix’ in 60 Seconds

The entire 1999 blockbuster condensed down to 60 seconds, thanks to some creative animating.


I Want Some Booze

A fun look at the debilitating effects of alcoholism, starring Jon Hamm.


Skrillex Drops One

Dubstep pioneer Skrillex executes one of his better drops.


‘Back to the Future’ in 60 Seconds

The entire 116 minute blockbuster condensed down to 60 seconds, thanks to some creative animating.

#video games

3, 2, 1, Fight: Adulthood vs. Childhood

A battle for the ages, video game style.


The First Super Bowl Touchdown

Paul Hornung tells the story of Max McGee and the most celebrated hangover ever.


Greetings From Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris greets people in many ways.

#video games

Mario’s Ex

Princess Peach isn't happy about Mario's inability to shake his Donkey Kong past.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Animation: The Fiscal Cliff

The fiscal cliff receives the always absurd and entertaining Taiwanese animation treatment.


Taiwanese Animation: Tim Tebow’s Jets Drama

Tim Tebow's tumultuous time with the New York Jets receives the always absurd Taiwanese animation treatment.


A Modern Night Before Christmas

There's no place like home for the holidays, no matter how much you wish there were.


Trailer of Steel

Superman and Batman meet at a diner to argue about the latest Man of Steel trailer.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Animation: Manny Pacquiao Knocked Out

Juan Manuel Marquez's knockout of Manny Pacquiao receives the always absurd Taiwanese animation treatment.


The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop

The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop is a re-telling of a classic holiday tale, with a Snoop Dogg twist.


Larry David's Thanksgiving Special

Larry David reminisces (complains) about Thanksgiving in Brooklyn.


Gardener Misunderstanding

A man has a frustrating time trying to communicate with his gardener.


Mini Pancakes

The latest track from upbeat songmaker Parry Gripp is all about tiny pancakes.


Mr. Cat

A cat's quest for adventure turns him into a worldwide celebrity.


Musical Birds

Birds have very eclectic musical taste.

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