UPROXX @ SXSW: Action Bronson And DaVinci At Lustre Pearl


If you haven't heard of Action Bronson, here's the pitch: he's a 315-pound, chain-smoking Albanian rapper from Queens.


We Should’ve Known It Wouldn’t End So Easily — Akira Movie Not Dead Yet

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A few days ago the Internet breathed a collective sigh of relief when Warner Bros.


Want a Blade Anime? Too Bad, You Get One Anyway


OK, show of hands, was anybody actually demanding that Marvel try to beat some more cash out of this dead horse.


The Akira movie is about Secret Dwarf Hookers now

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I haven't done much reporting on the planned adaptation of Akira before now, for two important reasons.


The Live-Action Akira Has Finally Reached Its Apocalypse

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The live-action, US adaptation of the Anime classic Akira has been a long, winding road of bad decisions.


Put Down Your Pokedex and Enjoy the Best of Misty Cosplay

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Photo via DigitallyBlonde We all remember when Pokemon first rolled out in 1996 and we frantically tried to catch em all on our Nintendo Gameboy.


7 Crimes Inspired By Badly Chosen Pop Culture

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From what the media tells us, pop culture is responsible for 90% of the murders committed in the Western world (the other 10% are caused by graphics on political websites).

#james franco

Akira’s Kaneda is… James Franco?


It looks like the live-action US adaptation of Akira may have found it's Kaneda.


“Lethal Weapon” Scribe + Anime = “Death Note”?


Shane Black may not be a name you know, but you've probably seen a movie he's written.

Space Battleship Yamato

Live Action “Star Blazers” or Japanese “Battlestar?”

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OK, OK, so we should really be calling it "Space Battleship Yamato", as we're pretty sure nobody in Japan really thinks anybody in America gives a crap about this franchise anymore, but it'll always be "Star Blazers" to some of us.


Live-action Bubblegum Crisis Movie Will Please Both Fans


Hey, remember the 90's Anime series Bubblegum Crisis.


Live-action Akira Movie To Disappoint Two Continents

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Has there been one live-action adaptation of an Anime property that has been halfway decent.

steven tyler

Space Battleship Yamato Trailer Has A Giant Gun & Steven Tyler


Despite that headline, you don't have to worry about Steven Tyler's old-granny face popping up in the live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese Anime Space Battleship Yamato.


Space Battleship Yamato Gets Battlestar-like Movie

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A group of humans travel the galaxy in a lone battleship armed with fighters against an armada of enemies trying to kill them.


Warner Brothers Trying To Adapt “Akira”, Actually Has a Good Idea


Otaku have been freaking out for years over the news that Warner Brothers might dare, dare, to touch their precious "Akira", as if it were "Citizen Kane" instead of just an okay movie.

Warner Brothers Animation

Thundercats Get New Hooooome on Cartoon Network

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Of all the animal-themed cartoons we got back in the 80's and 90's (Silverhawks, Tiger Sharks, Battlefrogs.


Gainax To Confirm Way Too Many Japanese Stereotypes


The two women above are the main characters of "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt", which is now both an anime and an order at the Chicken Ranch.


NH State Rep: Anime means two nukes weren’t enough


So, you'd think that people understand that if you post things on Facebook, then people are going to find out about it.

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