Apple And Comcast Might Be Teaming Up For Streaming Video

By | 2 Comments

Comcast and Apple may be teaming up for a new cable box. Well, provided they can agree on anything.


Apple May Be Poised To Compete With Spotify By Adding Subscriptions To iTunes

By | 3 Comments

If Apple offered an iTunes streaming service that was cheaper than Spotify, would you take a chance to use it?


Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs In Aaron Sorkin-Written Biopic… If David Fincher Gets His Way

By | 10 Comments

David Fincher says he'll direct the Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic if Christian Bale plays Steve Jobs.


Apple’s Wants To Track Your Very Breath With Its Healthbook App

By | 2 Comments

Apple's upcoming health app, Healthbook, wants to track everything about your health. And we mean everything. Apple wants blood.


iOS Still Can't Figure Out Daylight Savings Time

By | 15 Comments

iOS runs a powerful computer in your pocket... and for seven years, like clockwork, it's gotten Daylight Savings Time wrong.


Apple Will Put iOS In Your Car With CarPlay, Because You Needed That

By | 3 Comments

CarPlay is a terrible name, but hey, Apple's got to try and make you buy an iPhone somehow.


If You Are Using An Apple Product, You Might Want To Update Your Security Immediately

By | 8 Comments

A security fault is causing Apple a headache and putting encrypted user data at risk.


Middle School Girl’s iPhone Catches Fire In Pocket, Igniting Pants And Causing Second-Degree Burns

By | 7 Comments

Is that a smoldering iPhone 5C in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Illuminati iPad Commercial Obviously Prophecies the Apocalypse

By | 22 Comments

By now, you should know that Revelation Unraveled (R.U. as the true fans skeptically call it) is hosted by William Tapley AKA the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse AKA the Co-Prophet of the End Times, whose wardrobe is custom designed by your great aunt Priscilla.


Apple Lags Sony, Microsoft, And Samsung In One Key Area

By | 2 Comments

Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung lead Apple in one key area in a recent survey that will surprise you.


This App Kills ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’ So You Can Stop Punching Strangers

By | 2 Comments

Someone has finally come up with a solution for the dreaded Vertical Video Syndrome (people holding their camera the wrong way).


Siri Didn’t Like Scarlett Johansson’s Performance In ‘Her’

By | 9 Comments

You may have heard great reviews of 'Her', but there's at least one detractor who didn't appreciate Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of an AI program.


Apple’s Touching Holiday Ad


A misunderstood teenager and his phone star in Apple's latest heartwarming commercial.


The Four Black Friday Tech Deals Worth Going Out For

By | 2 Comments

Black Friday is generally not worth it. These four tech deals just might be.


Why Did Apple Buy PrimeSense, The Company That Built The Kinect?


Apple has just bought PrimeSense. They made the Kinect. And yes, that's intriguing.


The New iPad Mini Is A No-Show For Carriers


Hoping to get a 4G iPad Mini? So are the people who want to sell it to you.


14% Of All Crime In NYC Is iPhone Theft

By | 9 Comments

iPhone theft is a common problem. So common that in NYC, it's actually a pretty big chunk of all crime, period.


Here’s Project Ara, Google’s Would-Be iPhone Killer

By | 9 Comments

Project Ara is going to try and put Apple back where it was in the '90s. But will it work?

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