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The New iPad Mini Is A No-Show For Carriers


Hoping to get a 4G iPad Mini? So are the people who want to sell it to you.


14% Of All Crime In NYC Is iPhone Theft

By | 9 Comments

iPhone theft is a common problem. So common that in NYC, it's actually a pretty big chunk of all crime, period.


Here’s Project Ara, Google’s Would-Be iPhone Killer

By | 9 Comments

Project Ara is going to try and put Apple back where it was in the '90s. But will it work?


Watch: Bryan Cranston Is The New Pusher Man For Apple’s iPad Air

By | 22 Comments

Apple achieves maximum Internet exposure without spending a dime by using Bryan Cranston as its pitchman.

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Apple’s New iPads Are Useless If You Already Own An iPhone

By | 20 Comments

The new iPad line is not worth your money, especially if you have an iPhone 5S.


Apple Can Read Your iMessages, Despite Claiming Not To

By | 4 Comments

iMessage, it turns out, isn't as secure as Apple claims.


President Obama Takes His Shutdown Government To The Apple Store


With nowhere else to turn, Barack Obama tries to get some advice at the Genius Bar.


Why Nobody Wants A Smartwatch Even Though Tech Companies Insist On Making Them

By | 12 Comments

The smartwatch is popular among tech companies... and no one else. Here's why.


Jimmy Kimmel Discovered A Simple Solution To iOS 7′s Nausea Problem

By | 2 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel found a simple solution to the nausea and headaches iOS 7 users have been experiencing.


Apple’s Next Step: Home Automation


Apple's next big thing isn't going to be something in your pocket, but rather something in your walls.


Apple Is Literally The Most Valuable Brand In The World

By | 3 Comments

The computer company knocked Coca Cola off of the "most valuable brand" spot for the first time ever according to media ranking company Interbrand.


Apple Might Be Making A Nipple Scanner-Equipped Gold iPad Mini

By | 2 Comments

The gold iPad Mini is, ugh, rumored to be on the way. And the nipple scanner too, because why not.


iTunes Radio Might Crush Pandora As Soon As Next Month

By | 4 Comments

iTunes Radio is barely out and already it's taking an axe to the competition.


Apple Is Offering Refunds To Customers Who Bought The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’ In Two Parts

By | 9 Comments

After a number of "Breaking Bad" fans filed a lawsuit, Apple is refunding the $22.99 customers were forced to pay for the second half of the final season.


Here’s Your ‘People Unlocking The iPhone 5s In Wacky Ways’ Roundup

By | 5 Comments

Let's watch people squish their fleshy bits against the iPhone 5s!


Apple’s Touch ID Is Hilariously Useless

By | 12 Comments

Apple's Touch ID, it turns out, is more gimmick than security feature. But at least it's a really funny gimmick!


Here Is The Best iPhone Line Complaint You’ll Read Today

By | 10 Comments

The iPhone is so ubiquitous, people who hate iPhone lines are using it to complain about them.


A One-Off ‘Simpsons’ Joke Helped Design The iPhone

By | 25 Comments

Were it not for "Eat Up, Martha," the iPhone might look very different.


PSA: iOS 7 Is Out, And You Should Update To It

By | 17 Comments

iOS 7 is probably the best thing Apple's made all year... and now you can finally get your hands on it.

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