Robert Allenby

Golfer Robert Allenby Allegedly Drugged, Kidnapped, Beaten, And Robbed In Hawaii

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Meanwhile, the Australian professional is still in Hawaii for another golf tournament. And because he's Australian.

#Viral Videos

This Man Attempts To Drink A Beer In Front Of An Industrial Air Compressor And It Ends As Expected

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What happens when a redneck tries to drink a beer in front of an air compressor?

hotline miami

The Designer Of The Banned-In-Australia ‘Hotline Miami 2′ Tells Aussies To ‘Just Pirate It’


'Hotline Miami 2' is banned in down under, and Australians have the permission of the game's designer to do what must be done to play it.

#Video Games

‘Hotline Miami 2′ Has Been Banned In Australia For Graphic Sexual Violence

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'Hotline Miami 2' is hitting the shock button a little to hard for the Aussies.


A Pissed Off Wife Sells Her Cheating Husband’s Porsche For A 90 Percent Discount

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While similar models usually go for $200,000 or more, this one sold for $20,000 on an Australian 'Revenge Sales' website.


Even The Police In Australia Are Making Fun Of Nickelback Now


The Queensland Police Brigade made Nickelback the butt of their holiday season joke on Facebook to the joy of thousands.

ghostface killah

Watch Ghostface Killah Perform At A Grilled Cheese Restaurant Called… Toastface Grillah

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Ghostface Killah performed at an Australian grilled cheese restaurant called Toastface Grillah. Today is a great day.


This Australian Comedian Did His Own Parody Of ‘Humans Of New York’ And It’s Wonderful

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Australian television personality Hamish Blake couldn't find the famous photographer, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.


Watch This Australian Man Try To Coax A Bread-Eating Brushtail Possum Out Of His Kitchen


What would you do if you came across a bread-stealing Brushtail Possum in your kitchen in the middle of the night?


Everything You Need To Know About Uber’s Mishandling Of The Sydney Hostage Crisis

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Uber managed to make the Sydney hostage crisis even worse. How? Greed!

#The Simpsons

Meet The Man With 203 Characters From ‘The Simpsons’ Tattooed On His Back


An Australian man is hoping to be a world record holder after getting 203 characters from 'The Simpsons' tattooed on his back.

the price is right

Meet The Hunky New Australian Male Model Coming To ‘The Price Is Right’


After a worldwide search and online voting, Australia's James O'Halloran has been chosen to join 'The Price is Right' as a model.


Angry Australian Gamers Also Wanted Target Stores To Stop Selling The Bible, But Their Plan Backfired

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Those angry gamers in Australia added The Bible to their growing list of petitions against Target, but the store had some bad news for them.


Angry Australian Gamers Want Target Stores To Change Their Name And Stop Selling ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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After a petition convinced Target to stop selling 'GTA V,' gamers launched two hilarious but poignant counter-petitions.

Hearse Theft

A Confused Thief Stole This Hearse In Australia While A Man’s Body Was Still Inside Of It


A hearse with a coffin inside of it was stolen in Australia, but it wasn't the police that saved the day.


Watch These Australian Newsreaders Get Into An Epic ‘Anchorman’-Style Brawl

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A group of newscasters showed off their sense of humor and their combat skills in an 'Anchorman' homage video with plenty of bloodshed.


Here’s President Obama Hugging A Koala At G20


Instead of solving the world's problem, Obama and other leaders spent time hugging a koala at the G20. What a bunch of lazy, adorable bums.


Australian TV Anchor’s Year-Long On-Air Sexism Experiment Is Kind Of Awesome

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Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit everyday for a year because, sexism.


Meet The Man Who Built His Own Street Legal Batmobile And Uses It To Help Out Make-A-Wish Kids

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This Australia man built his own street legal version of the 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile and he uses it to help out Make-A-Wish kids.

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