Angry Australian Gamers Want Target Stores To Change Their Name And Stop Selling ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

By | 21 Comments

After a petition convinced Target to stop selling 'GTA V,' gamers launched two hilarious but poignant counter-petitions.


Video: Dante Exum’s Aussie Football Drop-Kick For Full-Court Swish

By | 2 Comments

Yesterday, some Australian Football Players stopped by the Zions Bank Basketball Center where the Utah Jazz were practicing to get some face time with Aussie import and NBA rookie Dante Exum.

Hearse Theft

A Confused Thief Stole This Hearse In Australia While A Man’s Body Was Still Inside Of It


A hearse with a coffin inside of it was stolen in Australia, but it wasn't the police that saved the day.


Watch These Australian Newsreaders Get Into An Epic ‘Anchorman’-Style Brawl

By | 7 Comments

A group of newscasters showed off their sense of humor and their combat skills in an 'Anchorman' homage video with plenty of bloodshed.


Here’s President Obama Hugging A Koala At G20


Instead of solving the world's problem, Obama and other leaders spent time hugging a koala at the G20. What a bunch of lazy, adorable bums.


Australian TV Anchor’s Year-Long On-Air Sexism Experiment Is Kind Of Awesome

By | 24 Comments

Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit everyday for a year because, sexism.


Meet The Man Who Built His Own Street Legal Batmobile And Uses It To Help Out Make-A-Wish Kids

By | 3 Comments

This Australia man built his own street legal version of the 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile and he uses it to help out Make-A-Wish kids.


A Brave Idiot Surfed Atop A Dead Whale While Surrounded By Hungry Sharks

By | 6 Comments

There are a lot of dumb-dumbs in the world, but this guy might be the king of the idiots.

#Viral Videos

Australian Pulls His Penis Out During Live News Broadcast, Flops It Around For Good Measure

By | 8 Comments

An excited South Sydney Rabbitohs fan took the celebration of his team's title a little too far, pulling out his penis on live television.


This Driver Nearly Caused An Accident With An Illegal U-Turn And Then Got Some Instant Karma In Return

By | 3 Comments

Sometimes you do get an instant reward on the road when you seem someone being a jerk. It can taste quite sweet.


Here Are The Photos Tiny Diva Ariana Grande Doesn’t Want You To See

By | 49 Comments

For such a small person, Ariana Grande has a huge list of demands.


Chris Jericho Helped A WWE Fan With An In-Ring Marriage Proposal

By | 38 Comments

Chris Jericho helped a friend propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a WWE ring during the company's tour of Australia.


Watch A Crowd Of Passengers Rock A Train To Rescue A Trapped Man


After an Australian man failed to mind the gap on his morning train commute, his fellow passengers had to team up to save his stuck leg.


This Great White Shark Choking To Death On A Sea Lion Is One More Reason To Never Visit Australia

By | 16 Comments

Remember how Australia is absolutely terrifying? Here's a shark choking on a sea lion to remind you.


The Greek Restaurant From This Old Video Of A Brawl Appreciates The Free Publicity

By | 5 Comments

People have been calling a Greek restaurant in Australia with concern after an old video of a crazy brawl between customers is going viral.

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