Official Best Steelers Season Ever Checklist [x] Avenge playoff loss to Jaguars in Jacksonville [x] Destroy the Redskins in Raljon, MD with 30,000 Steelers fans in attendance [x] Beat the shithead Ravens [x] Beat the shithead Ravens twice [x] Beat the shithead Ravens thrice MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [x] Curb-stomp the Greatriots in Foxboro [x] Defeat the Cowboys on a Romo pick-six [x] Extend winning streak over Browns to 11 [x] End the annoying Chargers fluke of being 0-13 in Pittsburgh in the regular season but 2-0 in the playoffs [x] Finally win a goddamn AFC Championship Game at home [x] Win a record sixth Super Bowl title, this time in a thrilling game over a hyped-up underdog, with Roethlisberger forever silencing critics with game-winning drive [x] Do it all without an offensive line and with an insanely difficult schedule [x] Masturbate furiously Special thanks to haters everywhere.