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‘Banshee’ Season 2 Finale GIF Recap

By | 8 Comments

A GIF recap of the season two finale of 'Banshee'.


‘Banshee’ GIF Recap: Hospitals Are Death Traps

By | 19 Comments

A GIF recap of the penultimate episode of season two of 'Banshee'.


Birthday Suits FTW: Television Characters You Were Most Likely To See Naked in 2013

By | 44 Comments

Ten more (naked) reasons you should be watching ten of 2013's better television series.


'Banshee' Review: Sex, Violence, More Sex, More Violence, And Strong Writing

By | 6 Comments

Cinemax's new show, 'Banshee,' premieres tonight, and it's more than decent: It's good.


A Month Of TV Goodness: The 10 Most Anticipated New And Returning Shows This January

By | 47 Comments

A look ahead at a very exciting month of what will hopefully be great television that includes the return of 'Justified' and 'Archer.'


X-Men: First Class Gets a Beast, Banshee, and Havok

By | 7 Comments

<a href="">Deadline</a> reports that Nicholas Hoult (pictured above) has been cast as Beast in X-Men: First Class, contrary to previous reports saying Ben Walker was cast.

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