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With Leather’s Watch This: A Supercut Of People Opening Beer Bottles With Random Objects

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I’ve always been jealous of people who can open beer bottles in strange ways.


Paulina Gretzky Went To/Cosplayed As Germany

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We're gonna go ahead and count this as another hockey post.


Brewery Ommegang Has Announced Its Second ‘Game Of Thrones’-Themed Beer

By | 20 Comments

Brewery Ommegang's second "Game of Thrones" beer, Take the Black stout, will be released this fall.


Florida Friday: Man Stabs His Own Brother In Fight Over Mac & Cheese

By | 24 Comments

Every once in a while, when Vince and I are scientifically selecting the perfect story for Florida Friday, a news item pops up that just brightens our entire day like one wild highway fire on the outskirts of Gainesville.


The Science of Hangovers


<a href="">Hank Green</a> explains why hangovers make you feel so miserable, and reveals the only true hangover remedy.


Headstand Beer Chug Fail


An Irish lad's attempt to drink a pint of beer upside down ends in hilarious fashion.


Beer Prices Are Rising Because Of Hipsters

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A recent study revealed that because of the popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon within the hipster community, the prices of sub-premium beers are on the rise.


Hanson Created A Beer Called ‘Mmmhops’


The brothers Hanson have teamed with Oklahoma's Mustang Brewing to create their own beer, "Mmmhops", to celebrate their famous 90s hit, "Mmmbop".


‘Beer Of Thrones’ Is The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Meets Beer Commercial Parody The Internet Deserves

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There is absolutely no denying the awesomeness that is this "Beer of Thrones" Game of Thrones-beer ad parody.

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Corona Light Explores The Intense World Of Animal On Animal Hunting In New Internet Ad Done Right


Corona Light's new "Ditch the Herd" spot hits on all points. Not to give the whole thing away, but a deer hunting sheep is a conflicted sheep.


How to Open a Beer – The Ultimate Compilation


A collection of the most hilarious, creative, and impressive videos of people opening cans or bottles.


Video: A Girl Chugged Beer Through Her Ear

By | 4 Comments

Throughout my formative drinking years, I was never much of a chugger.


The Fastest Way to Open a Case of Beer


German engineering at its finest.


A Hardcore 'Futurama' Fan Brewed His Own BenderBrau

By | 7 Comments

Want to make BenderBrau, as seen on "Futurama"? Here's how.


Why You Shouldn’t Play Beer Pong For Three Straight Hours


You know your beer pong marathon is over when this happens.


A Tribute To The Greatest Moment In American History

By | 30 Comments

There was an important moment in American history last night. Please join us in paying tribute.


Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Chugs Beer Anyway


This fan won't let a pesky foul ball get between him and his beer.

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