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Laura Izibor Is An Icon Too

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Presented by Gotty™ as a viable stopgap during CBR's leave of absence, Ms. Izibor proved to be just as elusive, if not more.


Melanie Fiona’s Still Rising

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Melanie Fiona was brought back to help kick off season two of BET & Grey Goose's collaborative Rising Icons series.


BET’s Rising Icons With J. Cole

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BET's Rising Icons is one of the few programming pluses the network created and should receive a round of applause for, especially since we all give them grief for the wild assortment of crap they do wrong.

the bridge

Video: Melanie Fiona x BET Rising Icons

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Honestly, for everything BET gets wrong, they've gotten a good handle on their Rising Icons show.


“Heart Of A Lion…”

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I was already on the cusp of saying how much I've enjoyed the musical maturation of Scotty.

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