Here Are All The Reasons Why Beyoncé And Jay Z Are DEFINITELY Divorcing

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Another day, another new batch of Beyoncé and Jay Z divorcing rumors. Here are seven of the silliest, I mean, most foolproof.


The First Look At ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Is Brought To You By Beyoncé

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Because the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie needs more publicity, Beyoncé put a teaser trailer on her Instagram.


Beyoncé Leads Nominations For 2014 MTV VMAs


You really have to wonder if these sort of things even still rile Beyoncé up anymore.


Prepare To Be Disappointed By This Year’s 20 Highest Selling Albums

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"Frozen" is unstoppable, and it's made nearly 2.7 million parents go insane.


Solange Finally Opened Up About ‘That Thing’ With Jay Z At The Met Gala

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Solange gave us something to work with, but will we ever know the full story of what went down that night?


Did Beyoncé Confirm That Jay Z Is Cheating On Her…With Mya?

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America's favorite (?) couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, are playing a very long game of Did He, Didn't He Cheat on Her?


Jay Z And Beyoncé’s ‘On the Run’ Is The Second Most Successful Tour Ever

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It's Jay and Bey's world. We just live in it (and give them our money).


Watch Jay Z And Beyonce’s Star-Studded Movie Trailer For Their Summer Tour


Besides the Carters, RUN features Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum, Rashida Jones, AND Kidada Jones.


Jay Z’s Out Of Beyonce’s Dog House, Solange Is Back In Beyonce’s Will


Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange have finally acknowledged that whole kick-fight in the hotel elevator thing.


The Guy Who Sold The Jay Z Vs. Solange Fight Tape To TMZ Has Been Caught

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Would you risk getting fired and being sued by Jay Z for $250,000?


Have Solange, Beyonce and Jay-Z Made Up Already? WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?

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According to social media and other reports, it looks like the great Beyonce-Solange-Jay-Z feud may already be over.


The Plot Thickens: Solange Has Completely Erased Beyonce From Her Instagram

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Two days into the Solange-Jay-Z elevator fight, internet sleuths have now turned to social media to come up with some sort of explanation.


This Video Of Beyoncé’s Sister Solange Attacking Jay Z In An Elevator Is The New Zapruder Film

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The best Jay Z release in years is Hova getting attacked by Solange Knowles.


‘SNL’s’ Brilliant ‘The Beygency’ Is The Beyoncé Of Fake Horror Movies

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Watch video of "The Beygency" from this week's SNL, hosted by Andrew Garfield.

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Watch Jon Stewart Vigorously Yank Bill O’Reilly’s Chain Over His Odd Obsession With Beyonce

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Bill O'Reilly is oddly obsessed with Beyonce. He probably wants to do things to her with a felafel and whatnot.


The Problem With Warpaint Calling Beyoncé A ‘Slut’

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Warpaint called Beyoncé a "slut." This doesn't make sense.


Stop Being Productive And Watch Seth Meyers Roast Time’s 100 Most Influential People

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You didn't think the 100 most influential people named by Time weren't going to get roasted, did you?

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