Jean Grae – “You Don’t Like It (So What)”

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The snarky subliminal found in the title of Jean Greasy's new single should come as no surprise as her cerebral cortex has been known to illuminate the show for sometime now, almost mirroring the fictional version of her moniker to strikingly close proximity.

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Strong Arm Steady – “Klack or Get Klacked” Video

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The SAS Gang will tell you firsthand that it's survivial of the fittest with an eye for an eye mentality from the cradle to the grave.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Strong Arm Steady

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Home to many of the greatest albums that Hip-Hop has ever seen, the West Coast tradition is one of longstanding glory and pride.


I Didn’t Even Know It Was Jean’s Birthday…

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But instead of us as fans wishing her well, she's given us this new joint as a gift instead.


“Jean’s For Sale” – Jean Grae Selling Verses…On Craigslist

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Well, in an interesting turn of events (not really) in recessionary news, Jean Grae is going the Bizarre route in pursuit of the dollar.


Jean Vs. Jean

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Despite the fact that we now sit by our keyboards eagerly awaiting the next leak, we sometimes lose sight as to how detrimental a leak used to be.

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