Ridley Scott Will Direct Alcon’s ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel And They Want Harrison Ford

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Now that Ridley Scott is signed on to direct, Alcon Entertainment wants to get Harrison Ford back as Rick Deckard for 'Blade Runner 2.'


Check Out ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Big Lebowski,’ And Other Classic Films Get Amazing Animated Remakes

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The Animation Workshop in Denmark has put together this collection of student animation presenting re-imagined and remade films lie 'The Big Lebowski'


Check Out The Incredible Stained Glass Movie Posters Of Designers ‘Von Orton’

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Italian designers and twin brothers Von Orton have created this incredible series of stained glass movie posters for some of our favorite 80s hits.


Here’s ‘Blade Runner’ As A Series Of 12,597 Watercolors

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'Blade Runner' has been reborn as a movie animated in watercolor.


Harrison Ford Is Still Totally ‘In Talks’ For A ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Or Whatever

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Last year, there were rumblings that director Ridley Scott was "in talks" with something called Alcon Entertainment to reboot Blade Runner, allowing the film’s original director to offer a new generation of moviegoers the chance to enjoy the classic story of a dystopian society overrun by corporations and robots.


Swedish Man Recreates the Opening to Blade Runner in the Most Time Consuming Way Possible


I like Blade Runner a whole lot, but Anders Ramsell of Sweden clearly loves the movie on a whole different level than I.


Getcha Ridley Scott Stuff Here — Info on Sequels to Prometheus and Blade Runner, and Some New Prometheus Videos and Pics!


It seems as though the science fiction bug has latched itself onto Ridley Scott's face and planted its seeds, because the guy is positively bursting with plans to do more sci-fi movies in the near future.

Blade Runner

A Look Back On The Iconic Art Of Jean "Moebius" Giraud

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Just a week after the awful news that we've lost <a href="">Ralph McQuarrie</a>, we're sad to report <a href="" target="_blank">Jean Giraud</a>, AKA Moebius, has <a href="" target="_blank">passed away</a> at the age of 73 after a long battle with cancer.

Beyond Dogfort

Beyond Dog Fort, Episode 16: Blade Runner


Welcome to <a href="">Beyond Dogfort</a>, our original webcomic placing the <a href="">Dogfort meme</a> in the context of classic sci-fi.


Harrison Ford Returning To Blade Runner? We’ll Believe It When We See It. (UPDATE)

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Last August we <a href="">reported</a> Ridley Scott would be producing and directing "a new installment" of Blade Runner, returning to another franchise he started 30 years ago (the other being Alien prequel <a href="">Prometheus</a>).

Ridley Scott

Harrison Ford in talks for the Blade Runner re-sequel-preboot thingamajigger

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People wonder why I hate writing up Ridley Scott stories so much, and the answer is that there's a new one every three days and they almost never come true.


Brighten Your Morning with “The Blade Runner Sketchbook”


<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-53703"></a>One of the great tragedies of publishing is the fact that "The Blade Runner Sketchbook" is out of print.

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Ridley Scott to Direct Another Blade Runner or Whatever

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Back in March, I brought you <a href="" target="_blank">the news</a> that <a href="" target="_blank">black giant Broderick Johnson and white midget Andrew Kosove</a> from Alcon Entertainment were planning to make a new Blade Runner movie.


Ridley Scott Returns To Blade Runner

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<a href="">Deadline</a> reports Ridley Scott is producing and directing "a new installment" of his iconic 1982 film Blade Runner, and since it's a new installment this probably means they won't be bringing back Sean Young's crazy ass or Harrison Ford's <a href="">stoned-off-his-ass</a> ass (that's a lot of heiny for one sentence).

Blade Runner

Original Nintendo Movie Adaptations We Wish Had Been Made

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If only these games had been invented when I was young I could have done so much less than the little I did.


Giant and midget to remake Blade Runner

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Today's announcement of a Blade Runner remake is probably going to be the nerd-rage story of the day, but I'm having trouble mustering the requisite outrage.

Blade Runner

Ridley Scott Talks Alien “Space Jockey” Prequels


If you think about it, there's a lot unexplained in the original Alien.

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