Playboy Tre

Playboy Tre Feat. Half Of Atlanta – “Shot Of Rum” Video

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Playboy Tre's Liquor Store Mascot II is one of the stronger projects of the year in my books and fittingly <a href="">"Shot of Rum"</a> is one of the stronger records from the project.

Playboy Tre

Playboy Tre Feat. P. Dukes, Bobby Creekwater, Jarren Benton, Homebwoi & Bohagon – “Shot Of Rum”

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After delivering the more sincere <a href="">"Care After Me"</a> yesterday, Playboy brings it back to a lot of lyricism, a lot of similes and a lot of drunk desperadoes as Dukes, Bobby Creekwater, Jarren Benton, Homebwoi and Bohagon join the festivities for a "Shot Of Rum.

Revenge (Bobby Creekwater Album)

Bobby Creekwater – “I Do That”

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<a href=""> "The difference between me and you is…I actually believe every muthaf***in thing I say. From the bottom of my heart. ‘Cuz it just is." Confidence can be a very elusive state of mind. To know you will succeed despite evidence to the contrary or have no fear of the consequences that accompany failure is, for many of us, only a fleeting oasis between long bouts of anxiety and hesitance. For some, however, confidence is a way of life. We’ve all met him. The ladies man that never ends his night alone; the clutch shooter that always wants the ball when the game is on the line; the artist that continues to break new ground while living in relative anonymity. They know they are great long before others accept it as fact. This confidence lives in the soul of <a href="">Bobby Creekwater</a>.


Maurice Garland Gets Kidnapped And Finds Good Music

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Until proven otherwise, I'm continuing to believe Maurice Garland is the most influential man in the Atlanta music scene.

Revenge (Bobby Creekwater Album)

Bobby Creekwater – “You And What Army” Video

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<a href=""> Resolve. Webster's describes it as a definitive point where a person comes to a determination. Unless you don't troll the usual rap sites at even the slightest moderation, then you'll know <a href="">Bobby Creekwater's</a> resolve has been "make it or bust" status for several years since going at things completely independent.

Young Scolla

Aleon Craft – The Stargazing Soundtrack

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<a href=""> All aboard the SMKA space shuttle. Aleon Craft has crystal clear skies in his eyes as he blasts into orbit with Mick Boogie & Terry Urban for The Stargazing Soundtrack. With crew members such as Playboy Tre, Mikkey Halsted and several other literal ATLiens, to summarize this as simply a mixtape would be a crime. It's pure aeronautics. Atlanta, we have a problem. The Luke Skywalker/Issac Hayes hybrid of the game is about to get intergalatic on your arse. <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">Aleon Craft - The Stargazing Soundtrack</a> As an extra, Aleon sat down with <a href="">Maurice Garland</a> to break down Craft's new project.

The Coalition DJ's

Bobby Creekwater – Not Now But Right Now


Bobby Creek's blood type has to be R for rap because the man's bone marrow just has rhymes circulating through it for days and days.

Not Now But Right Now

Bobby Creekwater – “I Hear ‘Em Talkin”

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You may hear <a href="">Bobby Creekwater</a> but you should probably listen to him as well.


Bobby & His Briefcase…

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The other, other Bobby from ATL is popping the latches on his stainless steel sidekick as he prepares for another year of unrelentless grindin'.


Your (Not So) Brief A3C Perfect Attendance Recap: Night Three

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While driving over to The Five Spot, Contra™ commented on the full moon that was on the horizon.


TSS Presents The Countdown To A3C’s Perfect Attendance Showcase: Day 6


Remember <a href="">the Mythblazers' mini-series</a>.

Young Scolla

It Just Keeps Getting Better…

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<a href="">October 1st to 3rd. A3C Festival, Atlanta, GA</a>.

The B.C. Era Deuce EP

Bobby Creekwater – The B.C. Era Deuce EP


Shady Aftermath's very own Bobby Creekwater is back with another FreEP for your iPods.

The B.C. Era 2

Bobby Creekwater – “Chec, Chec” (Produced By Eminem)

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Well it looks like <a href="">Eminem's comeback</a> is officially in full swing.

Yung Ralph

Video: Killer Mike On MTV2

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<a style="color:#439CD8;" href="" target="_blank">Killer Mike</a> - <a style="color:#439CD8;" href="" target="_blank">MTV Shows</a> We previewed a glimpse of the raw footage of this when we <a href="">chopped it up on Pill</a> back during <a href="">Grind Time Week</a>.


Bobby Creekwater – The B.C. Era Mixtape EP

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Shady Records soldier-in-waiting, Bobby Creekwater's latest mixtape EP The B.

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