The iPod Shuffle – Brand Nubian’s “Lick Dem Muthaph*cka”

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Last week, we highlighted <a href="">good movie soundtracks from terrible flicks</a>.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle: Brand Nubian’s “Who Can Get Busy Like This Man”

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In 1990, this guy <a href="">Grand Puba</a> was that guy.


Consequence – “Public Eye” Video

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Cons to the Quence is taking it back to a period that most likely exceeds most current listener's expertise range in Hip-Hop.

One For All

“Wake Up…”

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I was baptized because of Grand Puba.


Video: Brand Nubian On Recording One For All

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I can't do this full justice so I'm gonna swipe the full words from <a href="">Classic Rhymes</a>, who put together this video in the first place.

#Jay Z

September 29th, 1998

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We need a September 29th, 1998.

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