Skizzy Mars

OnCue – Leftovers 2


The NY rapper/singer delivers his latest mixtape featuring Just Blaze, Party Supplies, Brenton Duvall, Skizzy Mars, Ro Ransom & more.


OnCue – “Rich Kid” Video


After hitting us with the single a few months ago, <a href="">OnCue</a> has let go off his slick video for "Rich Kid.


Brenton Duvall Delivers Drake Flips To Celebrate 21st Birthday

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It should amaze you that <a href="">Brenton Duvall</a> just turned 21.


OnCue – “Rich Kid”


Last year was a good one for <a href="">OnCue</a> and 2012 is proving to be even more fruitful.


Mike Posner – “Save Your Goodbye” (Brenton Duvall Remix)


One cool thing about following artists on Twitter is watching their fruition.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Brenton Duvall – “Time For What You Want”

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<a href=""> In between rocking shows with XV & The Dean's List for their current <a href="">Animal House Tour</a>, <a href="">Brenton Duvall</a> has concocted yet another hot remix.


Brenton Duvall – “Blow The Skrilla”

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While we wait patiently for the OG <a href="">Todd Shaw</a> to drop his umpteenth album and continue laying his mack down for a new generation, <a href="">Brenton Duvall</a> is helping bridge the gap in the meantime.

We Got Now

How Brenton Duvall Teamed With Gucci To Do The Impossible

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<a href=""> A few years back, I did a post on my little brother and his dry musical sponge. Then, over Christmas, that now six-foot-freshman handed me a pair of headphones across the dining room table - during dinner - that were playing a Gucci Mane song. Surprisingly, I wasn't disgusted. The reason being this particular version of La Fleur's declarative Trap House turnkey, "That's All," happened to be remixed by someone name <a href="">Brenton Duvall</a>.

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