Jamall Bufford – “10,000” (Prod. By 14KT)

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After taking a two-year hiatus from this draining music game, the artist formerly known as Buff1 has returned with his government name in the liner notes to a brand new single, "10,000.


Closed Sessions Feat. Fashawn, Buff1 & Scheme – “Theme Music”


<a href=""> Periodically you'll see a <a href="">Closed Sessions</a> post pop up around these parts and be privy to the whatever dopeness escapes from the SoundScape recording studio.


Buff1 Is Ghosting

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<a href=""> Skipping the simple instrumental and leaving every vocal element untouched, I can think of three songs off rip that I'd throw some bars on if I were an MC; "<a href="">Needy Girl</a>," "<a href="">Early In The Morning</a>" and "<a href="">Last Night A DJ Saved My Life</a>.


TSS Presents The Pack Vol. 2

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Since we had decent fun and success with <a href="">Volume 1</a>, we figured we would ahead present <a href="">The Pack Volume 2</a> to share tracks that crossed our radar over the past week.


Buff1 – It’s A 1derful Life Mixtape

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New mixtape from Athletic Mic League's <a href="">Buff1</a> as he gathers his friends - both on the boards and the mic - for the release of It's A 1nderful Life, mixed by fellow Crown Royale member <a href="">DJ Rhettmatic</a>.


David Dallas Feat. Buff1 – “Front To Back” Remix

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Two weeks ago, I got an email, asking me why we had so many "too many who the hell is that posts.


Buff1 Feat. Diz Gibran & Shawn Jackson – “The Best Are Full Of Love”

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<a href="">Diz Gibran and Buff 1 in studio with Cook Classics</a> from <a href="">gregthedude</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.


“When The Winter Comes…”

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"My team got my back, for real, No green screenin'.


4.17 The Cooler

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Sincerely Yours, Cecily, For Pretty Face Friday Pirate Bay Loses Case [Gizmodo] Enjoy Stephen A. Smith While You Can - He’s Got About Six Weeks Left At ESPN [The Big Lead] YouTube Boosts Full-Length Movies, TV Show Lineup [Yahoo] Now On/Buff1/14KT: Live In Essen [...].

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Astronote Remixes Biggie Pt. 2

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Astronote remixes "Dangerous" adding a fresh verse from Guilty.

talib kweli

Astronote Remixes Biggie

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The first two leaks from DJ Graffiti Presents Astronote - Bigger & Better: The Notorious Remixes, hosted by Talib Kweli, that will drop for free download on 3:09AM Monday at <a href=""></a>.

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Buff1 – “Dream Streets” Video

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Filmed on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.


DJ Graffiti – Hipsters Need Soul Too Mixtape

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I haven't honestly listened to this one yet but 1.


The Meaning Of Hipster

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"As long as your music is as tight as your jeans, then we tight.


Pac Div Performing At VIMBY Anniversary Party

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<a style="background: black; padding: 4px 18px; color: #ffc423; font-family: Helvetica, Arial; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold;" href="">VIMBY - Pac Div at VIMBY Anniversary</a> This night was pretty wild.

There's Only One

“As Told To” – Buff1?s Fave Five

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Stay out in the scene long enough and some artists are going to stick in your life like spaghetti on a wall.

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Buff1 – Against The Clock (Episode 1)

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Easiest way to help cut down the costs of making your album.

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