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Epic Thinks Piracy of "Bulletstorm" to Blame for Low PC Sales, Not Crappy Port

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Bulletstorm was <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2012/01/bulletstorm-is-the-best-game-of-2011-you-didnt-play">one of the best games of 2011</a>, in our humble opinion, but it didn't sell well, especially on the PC.


“Bulletstorm” Is the Best Game of 2011 You Didn’t Play

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I owe People Can Fly, the developers of "Bulletstorm", an apology.

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How a Mainstream Media Story About Video Games is Born


Good journalism is all about integrity, accuracy and objectivity -- unless of course you're a mainstream news channel reporting on video games, in which case feel free to toss those niceties out the nearest available window.


Why Does Fox News Hate “Bulletstorm”?

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Before we get started, we should all remember Hanlon's Law, especially when we discuss Fox News.

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