The World Wide Web Went Public 20 Years Ago Today. Let Us Celebrate With Internet Goodness.

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Today is the World Wide Web's 20th birthday in the public domain. Let's celebrate with pictures both about the web and made possible by the web. So meta.


The First Picture Ever Uploaded To The Web Is Exactly What You'd Expect

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Next Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of the first photograph uploaded to the world wide web. We offer the backstory on this masterwork.


The Internet Reacts To The Higgs Boson Discovery


Yesterday CERN announced the discovery of a new boson 99.977% likely to be the Higgs. Funny Higgs boson memes and Twitter reactions followed.


"This Is Indeed A New Particle." CERN Announces Discovery Of Higgs Boson

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Earlier this hour, CERN announced a 5 sigma discovery of a new particle consistent with a Higgs boson. We break it down in layman's terms.


So, About Those "Faster Than Light" Neutrinos…


Get ready for your big payout, Randall Munroe.


Twitter Offers Alternate Explanations For “Faster Than Light” Neutrinos

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[via] Researchers at CERN in Geneva released the results from a recent experiment (full paper here) that suggested neutrinos can travel faster than light, which would be contrary to Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

scientists go a trollin

Higgs Boson Found By Anonymous Internet Commenter?


You might have heard that the Higgs boson has been discovered by scientists at CERN.


Scientists Finally Capture 38 Atoms Of Anti-Matter For Tenths Of A Second

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It's long been a science-fiction dream to get power from anti-matter.

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