Chan-Lo Presents ‘Chicks N’ Kicks’ With Devi Dev

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For this LA native, Chucks were the natural choice.


Singer Tinashe Talks Her Love For Jordans With ‘Chicks N Kicks’

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Like cute, petite shorties with an affinity for oversized shirts, leggings and Jordans?


Searching For Perfection With John Gotty & Chan-Lo

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"I got a dog (a cat) a mouse (a rat), A fly (he won't die) and a little gnat.


Ten Minutes With Gotty

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<a href="">Photo: <a href="">Marcus Troy</a> After reading the original <a href="">"Second Sense" interview</a>, I kind of remembered talking about a lot more topics than what was published.


The “Second Sense” Interview With Chan-Lo

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<a href=""> Avoiding interviews has been my M.O., choosing instead to remain steadfast in the lifelong mission to achieve the title of "literary recluse"/curmudgeon. Plus, there's a sheer enjoyment when people actual do bump into me and come to realize I bear zero resemblance to the deceased, white gangster gentleman pictured above. Seriously, interviews are always challenging because I share my musings here daily and feel like people probably prefer that I shut the f*ck up instead of talking more. Still, rare circumstances come about when I relent and <a href="">Channing of Chan-Lo</a> reached out to me through my good friend <a href="">Kenny at ETSF</a>.

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