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Give Me All The Years Without A Championship You Have

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You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of years without a championship, but what I said was: Give me all the years without a championship you have.


Serengeti's 'Don't Blame Steve' Is Dope, Name Checks Kyle Farnsworth

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Fan songs -- not just the ones <a href="" target="_blank">people record in their garage</a>, this includes the ones that are <a href="" target="_blank">professionally produced</a> -- are almost always terrible.


Damn, This Is Kind Of Mean

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Well, we started the day with some fun Chicago Cubs news and my semi-feigned disappointment that <a href="">Nick “Ron Swanson” Offerman is a lifelong Cubs fan</a>, so why not pile on with some more North Side news.


This Cubs Fan Is Just So Darn Sneaky

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I guess if you’re a Chicago Cubs fan, you’ll look for any reason to be excited about the team’s 103rd rebuilding effort in the last 104 years, so it comes as little surprise that one North Sider is pretty proud of himself after pulling one over on the Boston Red Sox.


Time To Freak Out, Cardinals Fans

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For the first time since 2000, the St.


Don’t Drop The Ball: Be There For Steve Bartman Night


Society loves to keep reminding you of pathetic failures.


The Dugout: Bienvenido Oz Miami

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Yesterday, we shared with you the news that beloved (cough) Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has <a href="">parted ways with the organization</a> because he couldn't fly to Spain on their dime and wanted a bigger boat.


The Chicago Cubs Went Out With A Bang…


… And it was fired from Aramis Ramirez’s figurative pistol.


Wrigley Field Is Gross, Hosts Alien Virus

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Recent inspection reports from Chicago's Wrigley Field show that out of 35 concessions, health inspectors found 20 critical violations at nine booths.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Sammy Sosa

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Forgive the grainy nature of the photo -- it's courtesy of <a href="">TMZ</a>, so I'm lucky there isn't a huge T over Sammy Sosa's face.


Jim Hendry Leaves At The Top Of His Game

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Chicago Cubs fans didn't like Jim Hendry as their vice president or general manager.


The Dugout: Brian Wilson Thinks Sounding Mexican is a Catchphrase

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Hey everybody, there's a party in Brian Wilson's beard and you're invited.


Cubs Fan Better Player Than Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs are 16 games under.


The Dugout: Jim Riggleman is Tired of All This Winning Sh**

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In baseball news that doesn't make a lot of sense, Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman has decided he hates baseball and would rather have no money than less of it.


Congratulations on Having a Working Human Body, Kerry Wood

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Shocking news from the Chicago-Sun Times today: The Chicago Cubs placed right-handed pitcher Kerry Wood on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to June 9) with a blister on his right index finger and activated infielder Jeff Baker from the 15-day disabled list, the team announced on Monday.


Chicago Cubs Sign Donkey Lips

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I wonder if sometimes Major League Baseball scouts get tired of evaluating potential and dissecting physical minutia and just want to say "f**k it" and sign the biggest, fattest, hardest hitting guy they can find.

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