Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This 7-Year-Old Be Better At MMA Than You Ever Will Be

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Want to see a 7-year old throw a Showtime Kick? Allison Gonier is a tiny little girl and she could probably kick your ass.


Meet Jaden Newman, The 9-Year Old Girl Who Can Whoop Your Butt In Basketball

By | 8 Comments

Following in her brother Julian's footsteps, 9-year old Jaden Newman is becoming a star on the basketball court and the Internet.


An 8 Year-Old At Summer Camp Has Penned The Perfect ‘Sharknado’ Sequel Script

By | 3 Comments

A Sharknado sequel is in the works. I think we've found the writer for it. This person is 8 years-old.


14-Year-Old Beats “Angry Birds”…In the App Store


So, what'd you achieve when you were 14.

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