#Independent Wrestling

Chuck Taylor’s Chinese Tour Documentary Is Behind-The-Scenes Gold

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Independent wrestling star Chuck Taylor posted a mini-documentary of his tour through China, and it's hilarious.


Chris Evans Frags Zombies In The Full Trailer For ‘Call Of Duty Online’

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Chris Evans may have thought we'd never see this China-only trailer for 'Call Of Duty Online'.


Chris Evans And His Fancy Missile Launcher Star In A Chinese ‘Call Of Duty’ Promo


Chris Evans may have thought we'd never see this China-only commercial for 'Call Of Duty Online'.

Armored truck fail

Watch Everyone Lose Their Greedy Minds When An Armored Truck Spills $4.5 Million Onto A Hong Kong Street


The equivalent of $4.5 million US fell out of an armored car in China, but now people who grabbed the cash are getting arrested.


Anonymous Claims They Will Release ‘The Interview’ Themselves In This New Series Of Tweets

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Anonymous took to Twitter to voice their anger at the cancellation of 'The Interview,' vowing to release the movie as a Christmas gift.

Singles Day

Take A Trip To This Chinese Mall Where Shoppers Were Rewarded For Showing Up Without Clothes

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Plenty of weird happenings occurred during Singles' Day in China, but shopping without any clothes might be the oddest thing.

Chinese movie industry

China Plans To Send Filmmakers ‘Down To The Countryside’ For Reeducation

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The government is sending artists down to rural China to study communist grains or something.

Kean University

Kean University Students Are Pissed Because Administrators Spent $219,000 On A Table

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It's difficult to complain about millennials complaining about not having enough when a college spends close to a quarter of a million dollars on a f*cking conference room table.


Chinese Boy Runs Away From Home, Lives In IKEA For Nearly A Week


12-year-old Peng Yijian set up shop in the furniture store after having a fight with his parents.


Here’s A Drunken Chinese Couple That Was Caught Having Sex In Public, But Kept Going Anyway

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The proper reply to someone shouting at you to stop having sex is always, "we're almost finished."


A Woman Spent An Entire Week In KFC After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

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Some people respond to breakups by drowning their sorrows in wine. Others spend seven days inside a Chinese KFC.


Watch A Chinese PSA Featuring A Graffiti-Loving Panda Pissing On A Bridge


China's CCTV has pulled a PSA featuring a man in a panda wreaking havoc in Australia. This is a sad day for everyone.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Is Opening In China As ‘INTERPLANETARY UNUSUAL ATTACKING TEAM’

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The country that turned "Free Willy" into "A Very Powerful Whale Runs To Heaven" has given us a new gem.


Sex With Minors And Pandering To China: ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Gets An Honest Trailer

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The honest trailer for 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' reminds us to be skeeved out by this franchise.


Chinese Movie Theaters To Try Onscreen Text Messaging, Because That’s A Good Idea

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Chinese people are so used to watching films on mobile media that several theaters are putting the texts up on screen.


Something Turned This River In China Blood Red In A Matter Of Minutes

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What could've turned this entire river the color red? Was it God? Chemicals? The Kool-Aid Man?

uh oh

OH GOOD: China Just Quarantined An Entire City For Bubonic Plague

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The Black Death just tried to stage a comeback in a Chinese city.


Watch A Man In China Transform Cotton Candy From Food Into A Work Of Art

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Do you like to eat cotton candy? Yeah? How about cotton candy that's been turned into a work of art?

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