Here Are Two Ways 'Gravity' Should Have Ended, Feat. Superman

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Here's an alternate opening (and an alternate ending) for 'Gravity', which would have been a much shorter movie in Superman's universe.

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Hand To God, A Man Named Christopher Reeves Was Busted For Meth Wearing A Superman Shirt

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All of the weirdo stars must have been in perfect alignment for a man named Christopher Reeves to get arrested wearing a Superman shirt.


Of COURSE Christopher Reeve had a secret, split-second Man of Steel Cameo

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Now that we're finally done arguing about the ending of Man of Steel, we can get down to the important stuff, the "brass tacks," if you will.


Was Christopher Reeve Subtly Inserted Into ‘Man Of Steel’?

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Christopher Reeve is Superman to many... and he may have made a cameo in 'Man of Steel'.

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