Here Are Two Ways 'Gravity' Should Have Ended, Feat. Superman

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Here's an alternate opening (and an alternate ending) for 'Gravity', which would have been a much shorter movie in Superman's universe.

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Hand To God, A Man Named Christopher Reeves Was Busted For Meth Wearing A Superman Shirt

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All of the weirdo stars must have been in perfect alignment for a man named Christopher Reeves to get arrested wearing a Superman shirt.


Of COURSE Christopher Reeve had a secret, split-second Man of Steel Cameo

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Now that we're finally done <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/06/watch-chronicle-writer-max-landiss-epic-superman-rant" target="_blank">arguing about the ending of Man of Steel</a>, we can get down to the important stuff, the "brass tacks," if you will.


Was Christopher Reeve Subtly Inserted Into ‘Man Of Steel’?

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Christopher Reeve is Superman to many... and he may have made a cameo in 'Man of Steel'.

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