‘Wonder Woman’ Pays Clever Homage To Christopher Reeve’s Superman In The New Trailer

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11.03.16 6 Comments

Warner Bros.

The new Wonder Woman trailer is full of interesting little tidbits and mysteries, such as who the villain with the facial prosthetic is, or why, exactly, Diana has an office at the Louvre with a note from Bruce Wayne sitting on the desk. But the best bit we see from the Patty Jenkins-directed and Gal Gadot-starring movie pays tribute to Christopher Reeve’s performance in Richard Donner’s 1978 film Superman.

For those who haven’t seen that classic film, there’s a comedic moment where Clark and Lois get shanghaied by a mugger and Superman, staying in character as Clark Kent, trying to stutteringly nebbish his way out of the problem. It fails, and the mugger squeezes off a shot that Superman saves Lois from taking:

Warner Bros.

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