Of COURSE Christopher Reeve had a secret, split-second Man of Steel Cameo

Now that we’re finally done arguing about the ending of Man of Steel, we can get down to the important stuff, the “brass tacks,” if you will. Namely, did Zack Snyder insert a split-second image of original Superman Christopher Reeve superimposed over current Superman Henry Cavill’s face in Man of Steel?? It certainly sounds like a worthwhile use of his time!

Does the film actually contain a reference to the classic comic book movies after all?  That seems to be the thinking over on Reddit, where a user has posted a GIF from Man of Steel that they they claim features Christopher Reeve’s face being superimposed over Henry Cavill’s during the film’s big third act action sequence. [CinemaBlend]

You can see the gif in question below, but cover your balls first BECAUSE YOUR F*CKING FACE IS ABOUT TO MELT ALL OVER THEM! COWABUNGA!


I think the evidence is pretty clear. There’s a clear moment in the gif when the face of Henry Cavill morphs into the face of a guy the same age, hair, and eye color playing the same character in a shot that’s all shaky and covered in fog machine spew. You can see an even more damning series of still images here. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Zack Snyder went in late at night, and spliced a split-second image of Christopher Reeve’s face over the face of a guy who looks like him already. Don’t you see??! It’s diabolical in its subtlety! And anyone who has seen a Zack Snyder movie knows that Zack Snyder is a master of subtlety.

It’s classic Zack Snyder. He’s always splicing secret stuff into his movies, and you’d never know it because he always splices it over stuff that it already looks like. It’s for this reason that people in the business have taken to calling him “Subtle Tyler Durden.”

“Tonight’s homework: Repainting the street lines a lighter shade of yellow. Project Mayhem dismissed.”

[banner via Getty, Cyborg War Dog via Fandango]