This Guy Combined The ‘San Andreas’ Trailer With Footage From ‘Superman’ To Create ‘Supermandreas’

Leave it to the Internet to take something so-so and something nostalgically wonderful, and then combine the two into something absolutely wonderful. Such is the case of Supermandreas, a mashup of the San Andreas trailer and footage from the first Superman film with Christopher Reeve. San Francisco-based illustrator Nick Acosta stumbled upon the idea while watching the disaster film’s first trailer:

From the trailer it looks bad, formulaic, and poorly acted. I also noticed that some of the film’s big disaster set pieces (the destruction of the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate bridge) looked very familiar to me. They are almost shot for shot the same as from one my favorite movies growing up – the 1978 film Superman. So I decided to re-edit the San Andreas trailer to take out The Rock and his wooden acting and put in a 27-year-old Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Okay, maybe his judgment of Dwayne Johnson‘s acting abilities were a bit rushed — considering his phenomenal performance on Saturday Night Live last night. Acosta could have at least kept him in the cut instead of completely replacing him with Reeve’s last son of Krypton. Perhaps The Rock would be to Superman what Ned Beatty was to Gene Hackman.

(Via Nick Acosta)