NBA: 51 For LeBron, 22 Down For Cavs


LeBron James scored 51 points as the Miami Heat got rid of the Orlando Magic last night, <a href="">104-100</a>.


Smug LeBron Is Being Super Smug Right Now

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As the Cleveland Cavaliers got absolutely decimated by the Los Angeles Lakers, <a href="">112-57</a> (yes, you read that correctly), LeBron James decided to pop out the above tweet near the end of the game.


Ted Williams, The Homeless “Golden Voice,” Is On His Way

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<a href=""> Behold the omniscient power of the digital media! After only a few days, the viral video of the Columbus, Ohio, golden-voiced homeless man, Ted Williams, <a href="">whom TC wrote about yesterday</a>, has already reaped rewards.


Homeless Guy Gets Job Offer From The Cavs

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In a video that was pretty much everywhere yesterday, Ted Williams, a homeless man living in central Ohio, shared what he called his God-given gift of a great voice.

attention whores

LeBron Doesn’t Want NBA Contraction, *Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge*

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LeBron James recently told ESPN that the NBA could benefit from teams having more superstars, a la his partnership with Dwyane Wade and that other guy on the Miami Heat.


JJ Hickson Gets Acquainted With James Harden

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<a href=""> The past two weeks for the Cavaliers have reflected the weather in Cleveland: cold, dark and unforgiving. After having the entire country on their side going into <a href="">the matchup against you know who</a> and then figuratively defecated on by you know who, the wheels have fallen off the wagon.


LeBron James Answers His Question

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Turns out the correct response to “What should I do.


NFL Wins Ratings Battle Again…Sorta

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<a href="">Some people</a> are making a big deal about the NBA beating out the NFL last night in terms of nominal ratings last night, and by that measure, they'd be correct.


Obits: Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

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<a href=""> While anticipation was high, predicting the outcome of last night's Cavs-Heat matchup didn't require going to far out on a ledge. As the powder went up, Cavs fans high hopes went down. Yes, they jeered and taunted LeBron throughout but their team didn't hold up its end of the bargain. The crowd went down fighting, but still perishing and losing their plan <a href="">to extract revenge</a> on The Chosen One.


Boo LeBron, And Boo Him Mightily

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By now, you've probably heard that LeBron James and the Miami Heat are making their first trip to Ohio since LeBringingmytalentstoSouthBeach took off from his hometown in July.


The Return Of Cleveland’s Exiled King

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Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.


More LeBron Spoofage: This Time From Cleveland

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Apologies for the light day today; we're working off of a laptop with no taskbar and a 10-year-old desktop with no soundcard, so we really have no idea what's going on in the world today, aside from the fact that my laptop is probably infected with a virus.


Wait A Second…LeBron's BLACK?!?!

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LeBron James has a nice streak of irritating somebody whenever he gets onto TV these days.



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No matter your affiliation to the beautiful town of Cleveland, when LeBron James had what will infamously be known as "The Decision" special on July 8, we all wanted to burn something.


Shaq Just Wants Boston To Love Him

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When Shaquille O’Neal signed with the Boston Celtics for a two-year contract to presumably close out his career, it marked the sixth team that he would play for in his illustrious career as one of the most dominant centers in the game.


Report: LeBron ‘Hated Cleveland’

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The LeBron James hate train has chugged along nicely through this NBA offseason (all six weeks of it.


Countdown To Tip Off: 5 NBA Games To Watch This Season

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<a href="http://"> Forget the very real possibility of a NBA lockout for the moment. <a href="">David Stern</a> has been using this offseason to make sure he keeps his league <a href="">in the news</a>.


Big Z Is A Classy, Classy Guy

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Classy Cat knows a class act when he sees one.

Chris Paul

The Story Of How LeBron Was Won

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<a href=""> For all the public speculation about LeBron's free agency, one could only imagine the inner workings between his camp and all the interested parties vying for his services. Usually, we'd never hear about what really went down until years after the fact, when the books about 'Bron's career would begin to surface. Thanks to the sped up nature of investigative journalism & insiders who are willing to help fill in the blanks, backstories are able to be delivered now almost in real time. Adrian Wojnarowski over at <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a> goes all the way back to the Beijing Olympics, where the seeds were planted for what transpired a few weeks ago.

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