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Alabama’s Dynasty Is Not Done, According To Paul Finebaum’s Angriest Caller

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Phyllis from Mulga is back to rage on Colin Cowherd and Paul Finebaum again, following the Crimson Tide's loss to Ole Miss.


Champ Kind Offered Up His Trademark ‘WHAMMY!’ For Colin Cowherd

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David Koechner stopped by 'Colin Cowherd's New Football Show' on Sunday in character as Champ Kind from 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues.'


Colin Cowherd’s New Sunday Football Show Sounds So Edgy And Unique, You Guys

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Starting Sunday, Colin Cowherd will host Colin's New Football Show and take on the top NFL and NCAA Football stories in his own unique way or something.


Dane Cook Is Still Crop Dusting Us In The New Trailer For Disney’s ‘Planes’

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Disney could have picked any actor on the face of the planet to provide the voice of the lead character, Dusty Crophopper, in the upcoming Cars spin-off, Planes.


Move Over, Tebow: 'Felixing' Is The New Craze

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Since a run of four 90+ win seasons from 2000-2003, the Seattle Mariners have had just 2 winning seasons.


John Salley Says MJ Isn’t One Of The 5 Greatest Players Ever


Colin Cowherd has really jumped on the anti-Michael Jordan train these days - not Cowherd himself, but bringing guests onto his ESPN Radio show to rebut the notion that MJ is the greatest ever.


Colin Cowherd Wants Everyone To Know That New Orleans Is A Terrible City

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As he embraces life without the wonderful Michelle Beadle, Colin Cowherd reminded us yet again that when it comes to spewing opinions about sports, he’s a guy that does that.


Eliza Dushku Joins Another Lousy Show

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Eliza Dushku -- last seen leaving a project called "Bird Dog" -- has joined the cast of the CBS sitcom based on the life of ESPN's racist plagiarist blowhard Colin Cowherd, a project that I've done my best to ignore up to this point.


Oh Hell No

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I try not to make my sports blogging past (or present) a big part of the agenda here at Warming Glow, but this atrocity cannot be ignored: the life of ESPN Radio host/indignant plagiarist/casual racist Colin Cowherd will be made into a television show, and it's NOT going to be a documentary called "Biggest Assh*les in America.

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