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A Celebration Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Lines, Written As A Romantic Comedy

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In honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 67th birthday, here are his best classic movie lines reimagined as romantic comedy script.

where are they now?

Hey, remember Rae Dawn Chong? Well, She Called Oprah a Field N___. Huh.

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I have no idea how it started, but Rae Dawn Chong has been a FilmDrunk comments meme for about as long as I can remember, so I always get a little excited when her name comes up in real life.

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Commando reboot has “a great script”, says liar

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As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that could possibly be better than the original Commando is watching small African children explain the plot of the original Commando.

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This African Child Loves Commando

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Alex is a 9-year old Tanzania kid with a clean bill of health and a hunger for good, old American movie violence.

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Commando: The Musical (Now With More Arm Chopping)

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Every few months or so, someone puts together a rap or a musical dedicated to Arnold or one of his movies, and they're almost always awesome because it's Arnold.

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Remember when I said I’d remake you last? I lied.

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Released in 1985, Commando is indisputably the high-water mark of 80s action movies.

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As a wise man named Tupac once said, "California knows how to party.



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You owe it to yourself to watch this at least until the 2:15 mark.

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