A Proclamation From The Black Delegation In Regards To O.J. Simpson

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WHEREAS Most Black people never really even gave a s*** about OJ in the first place.


SlowBucks Lawyered Up & Held A Press Conference

By | 24 Comments

The fallout from the Summer Jam beatdown continues.

The Police Blotter

Gucci Mane Will Be In Prison For A Long A** Time

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A light burns in the Brick Factory, no matter how dim it might seem now.


2 Chainz Won’t Be Smoking On That Gas For A Very Long Time

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The lesson, as always: if you're a rapper, just get one of your friends to hold the drugs.


All Of South Carolina’s Best Rappers Are In Prison

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I half expected to see Alpoko Don aka Don Dada pop up in the frame and do a verse.

#Kanye West

Kanye Accepts Plea In Paparazzi Assault

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Rapper settles for probation and anger management classes.


Florida Man Kills Friend Over Chicken Foot

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"No one deserves to die over a chicken foot."

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